Thirty years have already passed since I started my creative work simply because I wanted to create something that was already there. Using shapes that everyone can understand as motifs, we aim to express our work in a simpler way that is as close to nature as possible. Please take a look at Takashi Hasegawa's worldview.



1975香川県生。山口芸術短期大学卒。後、山口大学教育学部美術研究課程修了 1995~2021山口県出身彫刻家、故 田中米吉氏に師事。26年間、直近のアトリエスタッフとして働き同時にアーティスト活動として渡西、海外をメインで活動。活動自体19歳から始めるが幾度も挫折し今に至る。近年はのんびりと自分の創作コンセプトやライフスタイルを見直しながら創作活動。立体作品だけではなくパフォーマンスや音楽等多彩に活動しながら自分のスタイルを模索する。難しいコンセプトは持たず持たせず、もっと身近で簡単、単純なモノづくり(アート)をライフワークとする。現在、山口県山口市在住

Born in Kagawa Prefecture in 1975. He graduated from Yamaguchi College of Art. After completing the art research course at the Faculty of Education, Yamaguchi University, he studied under the late Yonekichi Tanaka, a sculptor from Yamaguchi Prefecture, from 1995 to 2021. For 26 years, he has been working as an atelier staff member and at the same time working as an artist mainly in Spain and overseas. His career began at the age of 19, but he suffered many setbacks until now. In recent years, he has been working on his creations while taking a leisurely approach to reviewing his own creative concepts and lifestyle. In addition to his three-dimensional works, he explores his own style through a variety of activities such as performance and music. His life's work is to create things (art) that are more familiar, easy, and simple, without having to hold on to difficult concepts. Currently residing in Yamaguchi City, Yamaguchi Prefecture



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